Full operating system with 64 included games that you can burn on DVD or put on USB flash, install it or use as a Live system (play with no installation needed).

New version for 2020.

Now part of the Leeenux Linux. Visit Leeenux Linux website for DOWNLOAD.

You will get:

  • Complete OS ready for internet or multimedia,
  • 64 games including emulators for popular gaming devices,
  • Emulator for Windows, so that you can install games for MS Windows,
  • Support (with purchase of download link or Leeenux Linux).

System Requirements:

  • Depends on a game, but any PC with Pentium 3 and 256MB RAM would be minimum for the system to run smoothly. Some games require more powerful machine.
  • At least 4GB USB Flash memory or blank DVD and DVD burner.

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