2017 Annual Meeting. October 3, 2017 San Diego, California. Melinda M. Neuhauser, PharmD, FCCP, FASHP SIDP President - PDF Free Download (2024)


1 2017 Annual Meeting October 3, 2017 San Diego, California Melinda M. Neuhauser, PharmD, FCCP, FASHP SIDP President

2 Welcome

3 Agenda 12:00 President s Welcome, Business Meeting & Strategic Planning 1:15 2:00 Therapy for Pneumonia Originating from the Community Speaker: Karl Madaras-Kelly, PharmD, MPH Restricting Quinolones/Cephalosporins: A Pro-Con Debate Speakers: Matt Samore, MD & Arjun Srinivasan, MD 2:45 Break with research award posters 3:15 Solving the Mysteries of C. difficile Infection Speaker: Kevin Garey, PharmD, MS 4:00 Antimicrobials vs. Rapid Diagnostic Pipelines Speakers: Melissa Johnson, PharmD &Romney Humphries, PhD 4:45 How Goes the War against Antibiotic Resistance? Speaker: Robert Weinstein, MD 5:30 Recognition 6:00 Reception

4 Pharmacy CE DEADLINE to submit November 3, 2017 The CE sessions are partially supported by educational grants from Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc, CutisPharma, and Merck & Co., Inc.

5 2017 Annual Meeting Sponsors Platinum Sponsor Melinta Therapeutics Silver Sponsors Cidara Therapeutics Synthetic Biologics

6 2017 Annual Meeting Sponsors Bronze Sponsors Achaogen Biomerieux Institute for Clinical Pharmacodynamics Tetraphase The Medicines Company Zavante

7 Business Report Melinda M. Neuhauser, PharmD, FCCP, FASHP SIDP President

8 Thank you SIDP Members!

9 SIDP Board of Directors Jason Gallagher- Past President Fundraising Publications SIDP Education Center Vincent Tam- Member-at-Large Elections Membership Research Awards Melinda Neuhauser- Presiden Political Advocacy Programs Brandon Bookstaver- Treasurer Annual Report Fundraising Elizabeth Dodds Ashley President-Elect Inter-organizational programs Recognition Awards Susan Davis- Member-at-Large Internet/Social Media Stewardship

10 Major Accomplishments Made the move to IDWeek Launched LTC Stewardship Certificate Awarded 5 Research Grants A++ Fundraising Implemented FIDP Expanded SIDPEC Offerings Funded 2 Residencies (now on ASHP cycle) Advanced Social Media Reach Completed comprehensive financial audit Competitive re-bid management company contract Initiated Strategic Planning

11 Organizational Complexity and Future Directions Board Annual Meeting Certificate Programs: Acute and Long-Term Care SIDP SIDPEC Committees (n=13) Task Forces

12 Competitive Application Process for Management Company Announced RFP Ranked 25 applications Selected top 5 for interviews Final interview

13 Affinity Strategies CEO Elizabeth A. Schumacher, JD Highlights Executive Director Manages health care nonprofits Advanced communication Organizational infrastructure to support committees Affinity Strategies starting on Jan 2, 2018 with EAMI ending on Jan 24, 2018

14 Treasurer s Report, P. Brandon Bookstaver, PharmD Secretary/Treasurer

15 Income 3% 4% 4% 10% 13% 8% 58% Stewardship Certificate Membership Annual Meeting Sponsors Research Award Website Sponsorship Residency Sponsorship Other

16 Expenses 7% 18% 18% 7% 51% Stewardship Cert CE/Development Residency & Research Grants Other Annual & Off-cycle meetings Management Services

17 Significant Expenses in Audit LTCF certificate program launch Strategic planning Guideline participation Residency Award Support To supplement Allergan sponsorship

18 Balance Comparison (Updated 8/31/2017) $2,500,000 $2,000,000 Net worth: $1,885,633 $1,500,000 $1,000,000 Total Assets Liabilities Net Worth $500,000 $

19 SIDP/Allergan ID Pharmacotherapy Residency Grants

20 SIDP/Allergan ID Pharmacotherapy Residency Grant, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy PGY2 Infectious Diseases Residency Director: Emily Heil, PharmD Resident: Ana Vega, PharmD

21 SIDP/Allergan ID Pharmacotherapy Residency Grant, Parkland Hospital, Dallas, Texas PGY2 Infectious Diseases Residency Director: Jessica Ortwine, PharmD Resident: TBD

22 SIDP Annual Meeting 2017 Committee Reports

23 Committees Annual Report Antimicrobial Stewardship Elections Fundraising Internet and Social Media Inter-organizational Membership Political Advocacy Programs Publications Recognition Awards Research Awards SIDPEC

24 Annual Report Chair: Kelly Percival Vice-Chair: Daniel B. Chastain Past-Chair: Betsy Hirsch Board Liaison: Brandon Bookstaver Committee Members: Jaime Borkowski, Russell Benefield Erica Housman, Sara Jones, Misty Marie Miller, Mark Redell, Marisel Segarra-Newnham, Jesse Sutton, Montgomery Williams, Suzanne Wortman, Minkey Wungwattana Trainee Members: Brian Anthony Buss, Maressa Santarossa, Kirre Wold

25 Annual Report Available at

26 Antimicrobial Stewardship Chair: Jessica Robinson Vice Chair: Mary Townsend Past Chair: Alan Gross Acute Care Subcommittee Chair: Keith Teelucksingh Long-term Care Subcommittee Chair: Jamie Wagner Board Liaison: Susan Davis

27 Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee Members: John Ahern, Abdullah Alosaimi, Memar Ayalew, Lisa Blahchette John Boreyko, Dana Bowers, Mary Beth Brinkman, James Andrew Carr, Andrea Chbeir Kathryn Connor, Brad Crane, Matt Crotty, Armisha Desai, Erica Dobson, Khalid Eljaaly Pamela Foral, Nicolas Forcade, Andrew Gainey, Erin McBrayer, Roach Gentry, Geneen Gibson, Oscar Guzman, Kelly Harris, Jon Hiles, Shannon Leigh Holt, Brian Hughes, Terry Jaso, Jarrod Kile, Stephanie Kuhn, Anjly Kunapuli, Laura Limburg, Holly Danielle Maples, David Martin, Gregory Marks, Arun Mattappallil, Kathryn Matthias, Dorothy McCoy, Edo-abasi McGee, Sarah Brooks Minor, Ardath Mitchell, Jacob Bryan Morton Kylie Mueller, Sandra Naegele, Thao Nguyen, Rebecca Nolen, Jennifer Ott, Amy Pakyz Karisma Patel, Diane Parente, Nick Piccicacco, Kelly Pillinger, Brian Potoski, Jenna Preusker, Khuloud Bin Rafeea, Valerie Ravenna, Sara Revolinski, Kevin Sponsel, Kathy Tang, Keith Teelucksingh, Michael Tiberg, Jennifer Tieu, Nicholas Torney, Thu Truong William Truong, R. Brigg Turner, Frank Tverdek, Sara Utley, Jamie Wagner Carla Walraven, Louise Wang, Memorie Wilcoxon, Ashley Wilde, Nicole Wilson, Frances Wong, Kelly Wright Trainee Members: Morgan Anderson, Jocelyn Mason, Cristina Reyes, Rand Sulaiman Derek VanderHorst, Linda Yang

28 Antimicrobial Stewardship Soft Launch July 2017!!!

29 Antimicrobial Stewardship Acute Care Stewardship Program Over 1500 pharmacists have completed program since 2013 Participants from over 20 countries LTC Stewardship Program is LIVE! In collaboration with the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) ~40 participants have registered since the initial launch Special thanks to Ann Connelly of ProCE!

30 Elections Chair: Scott Bergman Past-Chair: Lynn Wardlow Board Liaison: Vincent Tam Committee Members: Johnathan Cho, Patrick Clay, Brandon Dionne, Julie Dumond, Lynne Krop, Wai-Ying Lam, Monica Mahoney, Cynthia Nguyen, Lynn Wardlow Trainee Members: Kristen Bunnell, Wesley Kufel

31 Elections Updated the election process Streamlined voting process to one election Implemented candidate evaluation rubric Targeted candidate nomination profiles

32 Incoming President Elect, Kerry LaPlante, PharmD, FCCP Professor of Pharmacy, University of Rhode Island Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Brown University ID Specialist, Providence Veterans Affairs Medical Center

33 Incoming Board Member-at- Large, Amy Pakyz, PharmD, PhD Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

34 Fundraising Chair: Emily Heil Vice-Chair: Ryan Mynatt Past-Chair: Rachel Kenney Board Liaison: Jason Gallagher, Brandon Bookstaver Committee Members: Lisa Costanigro, Paul Daruwala Jarred Edward Bowden, Sandy Estrada, Kevin Garey, Travis King, Tom Lodise, Dayna McManus, John Mohr

35 Fundraising Residencies (partial) Allergan, and Research awards Nabriva, Ocean Spray, biomerieux, & Accelerate Website Sponsors Achaogen, Allergan, Astellas, Cidara, Paratek SIDP at ASM Microbe Society Day Silver: Accelerate, T2Biosystems Bronze: The Medicines Company

36 Inter-organizational Committee Chair: Elizabeth Hermsen Vice-Chair: Kerry LaPlante Past-Chair: Kayla R. Stover Board Liaison: Libby Dodds-Ashley Committee Members: Dorothy Fox, Edward Grace, Alan Gross, Nga T Nguyen, Sharon Erdman, Whitney Buckel, Christopher McCoy, Kathryn Dzintars, Jordan C Schneider, Christopher M. Bland, Patrick Clay, Elias Chahine, Jessica Cottreau, Jeffrey J. Cies, Vanthida Huang, Ryan Chapin, Janet Wu, Jacqueline Argamany, Brandon Hill

37 Inter-organizational Committee Formalized relationship with SHEA SIDP presents at Spring SHEA Board Meeting Quarterly SHEA and SIDP Presidential Conference Calls Formalized process to facilitate SIDP representation on IDSA guidelines Endorsed IDSA/SHEA CDI Guidelines Co-sponsored Events, Seminars and Workshops ACCP (1), APhA (2), ASHP (6), CLSI/SIDP/ACCP Webinar, ASM Microbe (2), IDWeek (3), SHEA Spring (1), SHEA Stewardship Research Workshops, International Pediatric AS Conference, MAD-ID (1), World Antimicrobial Resistance Congress, SCCM (1)

38 Internet and Social Media Chair: David Ha Vice-Chair: Melissa Johnson Website Co-chair: Jen Sparks Past-Chair: George Allen Board Liaisons: Susan Davis Committee Members: Yvonne Burnett, Keenan Ryan, Andrea Pallotta, Helen Newland, Diana Yu, Hali Yang, Yuman Lee, Andrea Luce, Cristina Miglis, Christopher Fronczek, Justin Richard Lenhard, Scott Shipley, Travis M. Jones

39 Internet and Social Media Launched Facebook, LinkedIn, Snap Chat Twitter Chat in collaboration with ID PRN Mentoring, Research and Scholarship Long-term Care

40 Membership Chair: Jessica Cottreau Vice-Chair: Seth Housman Past-Chair: Anthony Guarascio Board Liaison: Vincent Tam Committee Members: James Sanders, Deborah Anderson, Nathan Unger, Judy Ikwuagwu, Elizabeth Cady, Kristen O'Brien, Stephanie Giancola, Gail Itokazu, Whitney Jones, Kimberly Carozzoni, Lee Nguyen, Tae Eun Park, Margaret R Jorgenson, Thy Le, Neha Pandit, Erika Ernst*, Elizabeth Ficek, Gary Fong, Steve Barriere, Jamie Guyear, Peg Carver, Leena Myran, Esther Fasanmi, Lauren Cochran, Angel Heyerly, Cyle White, Denise Riccobono, Donald J. Scott, Emi Minejima, Prakash Shah, Renata Smith, Alex Bryant, Katie Barber*, Tyler Larson, Lacie McKamey

41 Membership Updated Membership Brochure Membership Category Review Welcome New Members! Total membership: 1271

42 Political Advocacy Chair: Michael Nailor Vice-Chair: Rebekah Wrenn Past-Chair: Emily Heil Board Liaison: Melinda Neuhauser Committee Members: Natalie Tucker, Katie Suda, Amber Streifel, Jenana Halilovic Maker, Sarah M Wieczorkiewicz, Kyle Wade Caldwell, Kristen Zeitler, Ken Klinker, Katherine Perez, Samuel Aitken, Emi Minejima, Stacy Volk, Kristi Kuper, Krista Gens, Pamela S Hawn (nee White), Patrick McDaneld, Daryl Depestel, Thomas J Dilworth, Erika Ernst, Sasha Premraj, Gregory Cook

43 Political Advocacy Letters and/or public comment SIDP Sign-on Initiatives SIDP comments PGY2 ID Residency Standards

44 Political Advocacy New in Pending Publication

45 Program Chair: Kelly Echevarria Vice-Chair: Ashley Ross Past-Chair: Travis King Board Liaison: Melinda Neuhauser Committee Members: Ravina Kullar, Katie Barber, Lucas Schulz, David Cluck, Roopali Sharma, Bernadette Jakeman, Rebecca Margevicius, Megan Patch, Trent Towne, Lynn Chan, Maureen Campion, Meghan Jeffres, Elizabeth Oates Hand, Amelia Sofjan, Lauren N Hunt, Noha Hafez, Alla Paskovaty, Bethanne Carpenter, Lauren Flynt, Kristina M Stemple, Nicola Clayton

46 Program SIDP Annual Meeting in conjunction with IDSA Contract for 2017 & 2018 with IDSA SIDP members assisted with IDWeek Abstract Review ASM Microbe Society Day June 2017 in New Orleans Strategic Planning will finalize plan for 2018

47 Publications Chair: Viki Barr Vice-Chair: Becky Jayakumar Past-Chair: Milena McLaughlin Board Liaison: Jason Gallagher Committee Members: Ronda Akins, Monique Bidell, Kimberly Claeys, Margaret Cook, Hamdi Ahmed Elsoudi Lynne Fehrenbacher, Jon Furuno, Shin-Pung (Polly) Jen Madline King, Sonal Patel, Nageh Nagah Mahmoud Shaeishaa, Shalonda Warren Trainee Members: Alyssa Christensen, Alexandra Hanretty Ryan Kates

48 Publications Wrote, developed, and published 3 newsletters Contributions to Contagion and Pharmacy Times Finalized SIDP s 25 Years Compendium

49 SIDPEC: SIDP Educational Center Chair: Monica Golik Mahoney Vice-Chair: Jamie Kisgen Board Liaison: Jason Gallagher Committee Members:Kimberly Miller, Ravina Kullar, Trang Trinh, Carla Walraven, Jason Pogue, Kimberly Couch Melissa Johnson, Kristi Kuper, Ashley Lockwood Claudine El-Beyrouty, Edina Avdic, Thy Le, Noreen Tomkins

50 SIDPEC Over 10 hours of CE available now! - Adult Pneumococcal Vaccinations - Invasive Fungal Infections (ASHP 2016) - SIDP at ASM Society Day Lectures - Four core antimicrobial stewardship Lectures - Special thanks: Libby Dodds-Ashley, Susan Davis, Whitney Buckel and Brandon Bookstaver

51 SIDPEC Upcoming Events 2017 SIDP Annual Meeting 5th Annual CLSI, SIDP, & ID PRN webcast update 2017 ASHP Midyear MDR Gram-Negative Therapies Live Focused Antimicrobial Stewardship Training (FAST) Programs Kindred Health, October 2017

52 Recognition Chair: Greg Eschenauer Vice-Chair: Kelly Reveles Past-Chair: Julie Ann Justo Board Liaison: Libby Dodds-Ashley Committee Members: Jarrett R. Amsden, Kathryn DeSear, Jennifer Johnson-Craft, Rosita Amini, Chris Gentry, Grace Lee, Saira Rab, Julie Kuo, Paul O. Gubbins, Molly Steed, Jo Carreno, Steve Barriere, Peggy McKinnon, Michael P. Veve, Nicholas Britt

53 Chair: Vanthida Huang Vice-Chair: Warren Rose Past-Chair: Marc Scheetz Board Liaison: Vincent Tam Research Committee Members: Kirthana Beaulac, Jeffrey Cies, Benjamin Colton, Richard Drew, John Esterly Christopher Frei, Kevin Garey, Islam Ghazi, Shelle Grim, Jason Pogue, N. Jim Rhodes, Christopher Schriever, Ashley Snyder, Solomon Alexander Winans Trainee Members: Sean Avedissian, Jeffrey Rybak Trang Trinh

54 Research Awarded 5 Grants to SIDP members SIDP/Nabriva Research Award SIDP/Ocean Spray Research Award SIDP/BioMerieux Research Award SIDP/Accelerate Research Award SIDP New Investigator Award

55 2017 SIDP/Nabriva Community-acquired Bacterial Pneumonia Research Award Nimish Patel, PharmD, PhD Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Title: Real-world Safety and Effectiveness of Fluoroquinolones versus Ceftriaxone + Azithromycin among Hospitalized Veterans with Community Acquired Pneumonia

56 2017 SIDP/Ocean Spray Research Award Greg Tallman, PharmD Oregon State University/Oregon Health & Science University Title: Evaluating the Role of Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Recurrent UTI among Female Outpatients.

57 2017 SIDP/BioMerieux: Microbial Diagnostics in Antimicrobial Stewardship Research Award Evan J. Zasowski, PharmD University of Houston College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Translational Research Title: The Gut is the Source of Multidrug-Resistant Organisms: Diagnostic Development using Shotgun Whole Genome Sequencing

58 2017 SIDP/Accelerate Diagnostics: Microbial Diagnostics in Antimicrobial Stewardship Research Award Kimberly C. Claeys, PharmD University of Maryland College of Pharmacy Title: Comparing the clinical utility of rapid diagnostics for the treatment of bacteremia

59 2017 Young Investigator Research Award Nicolas D. Beyda, PharmD University of Houston College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Translational Research Title Uncovering novel mechanisms governing non- FKS mediated echinocandin resistance in C. glabrata

60 Thank you SIDP Members!

61 Strategic Planning

62 Recognition October 3, 2017 San Diego, California Melinda M. Neuhauser, PharmD, FCCP, FASHP SIDP President

63 Fellows of the Society of Infectious Diseases Pharmacists Inaugural Induction

64 Fellowship in SIDP (FIDP) This distinction recognizes outstanding SIDP members with significant and sustained contributions to infectious diseases and the mission of SIDP Development process by the SIDP Recognition Awards Committee spanned four years: Research: General member surveys, Fellow awards from other organizations Development: Online application and scoring rubric Testing: Multiple phases with volunteer member feedback and revision Thank you to all committee members, volunteer testers, the SIDP Internet Committee, and Board leadership!

65 Fellowship in SIDP (FIDP) Successful applicants demonstrate excellence in the following areas: Contributions to SIDP (*Required Category) AND at least 2 of the following categories: Practice Education Scholarship Detailed application and supporting documentation evaluated using an objective scoring rubric Specific minimum scores set for each category

66 Fellows of SIDP 2017

67 Fellow of SIDP 2017 David S. Burgess

68 Fellows of SIDP 2017

69 Fellow of SIDP 2017 Peggy L. Carver

70 Fellows of SIDP 2017

71 Fellow of SIDP 2017 Richard H. Drew

72 Fellows of SIDP 2017

73 Fellow of SIDP 2017 Elizabeth D. Hermsen

74 Fellows of SIDP 2017

75 Fellow of SIDP 2017 Michael E. Klepser

76 Fellows of SIDP 2017

77 Fellow of SIDP 2017 Joseph Kuti

78 Fellows of SIDP 2017

79 Fellow of SIDP 2017 Michael J. Rybak

80 Fellows of SIDP 2017 Congratulations!!!

81 Recognition Awards

82 2017 Infectious Diseases Pharmacotherapy Paper Award The purpose of this award is recognize a significant contribution to the peer-reviewed literature in infectious diseases pharmacotherapy by an active or associate SIDP member Nominees are evaluated primarily based on their contribution to the paper and the impact or significance of the publication.

83 2017 Infectious Diseases Pharmacotherapy Paper Award Mackenzie Cottrell, PharmD, MS A Translational Pharmacology Approach to Predicting Outcomes of Preexposure Prophylaxis Against HIV in Men and Women Using Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate With or Without Emtricitabine. J Infect Dis 2016;214:55 64

84 Outstanding Clinical Practice in Infectious Diseases Pharmacotherapy Award The purpose of this award is recognize an SIDP member who has developed an innovative and/or excellent clinical practice site Areas of contribution to infectious diseases pharmacotherapy may include, but are not limited to, development of innovative services, documentation of benefits, and methods of promoting the safe, effective, and rational use of anti-infective agents.

85 2016 Outstanding Clinical Practice in Infectious Diseases Pharmacotherapy Award Jason Pogue, PharmD, BCPS AQ-ID Sinai Grace Hospital, Detroit, MI

86 2016 Young Investigator Award The purpose of this award is to: Recognize past research accomplishments Reward young investigators who show research promise in the broad area of infectious diseases Preference is given to independent research work conducted after completion of terminal education and training. Nominees are evaluated on research funding, publication record, leadership, teaching and honors or awards received for their research.

87 2017 Young Investigator Award Elizabeth Hirsch, PharmD, BCPS University of Minnesota

88 Outgoing Leaders

89 Incoming President (November 1, 2017) Libby Dodds Ashley, PharmD,MHS

90 Brief Biography Education: Northeastern University- PharmD Duke University MHS Post-Graduate Training: Pharmacy Practice Residency- Duke University ID/IM/Academia- Campbell University & Duke University Career: Duke Transplant infectious diseases, antimicrobial stewardship, antifungal clinical trials University of Rochester Infectious diseases pharmacy, antimicrobial stewardship & administration Duke 2015-present DASON

91 Priorities Advocacy for Action New and expanding relationships with partners Ongoing national presence New Path of Action Implementing and adhering to strategic plan New Partners Management company transition

2017 Annual Meeting. October 3, 2017 San Diego, California. Melinda M. Neuhauser, PharmD, FCCP, FASHP SIDP President - PDF Free Download (2024)


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What does PM stand for in medical? ›

List of medical abbreviations: P
PMpost meridiem (in the afternoon)
PMBpost-menopausal bleeding (bleeding after menopause)
PMDprimary medical doctor
PMDDpremenstrual dysphoric disorder
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