Best pink cars ever: our top 8 Barbie mobiles of all time | Auto Express (2024)


2023 was the year when pink took over the world, thanks to the incredible success of the Barbie movie. Warner Bros’ highest-grossing film ever struck a chord with billions of people as a joyous celebration of female empowerment. But in the motor industry, polarising pink is often treated with suspicion – with good reason. Here are eight cars that went pink with decidedly mixed results.

Fiat 500


Imagine, for a moment, that ITV’s legendary game show Family Fortunes had asked 100 people to name a pink production car. It’s a fair bet the Fiat 500 would feature highly in the answers, given how fastidiously the Italian brand has launched a string of special editions and personalisation options since the model’s 2007 launch.

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In many respects the 500 has transcended motoring to become a fashion accessory, aided by models such as the 2010 500 Pink and 500C Pink, which Fiat hailed as “must-have” purchases. The company clearly knew it was on to a good thing, having produced a 500 Barbie show car to mark the doll’s 50th anniversary back in 2009.

Mansory Vitesse Rosé


For the uninitiated, Mansory is a German company that apparently specialises in the modification of luxury cars, “resisting convention” while delivering “master craftsmanship”. Hmmm… In 2009 it turned a Bentley Continental GT Speed into the Mansory Vitesse Rosé in conjunction with a brand of cosmetic surgery that even Michael Jackson may have considered too extreme.

The exterior is divisive enough, but the interior is an assault on the senses, with Bentley’s usual understated opulence eschewed for a vivid blend of leather and carbon fibre in various shades of pink – sorry, rosé – and purple. Only three Vitesse Rosé models were ever made…

Volkswagen Beetle


The enthusiasm that greeted the rebirth of the Beetle in 1997 had dipped by the time the second generation of the new Bug appeared in 2011, and interest in the car continued to wane throughout its lifespan. This prompted VW to embrace what, in hindsight, might be considered increasingly desperate measures, including the launch of a Fresh Fuchsia Metallic model in North America in 2017.

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Billed as the first vehicle ever to be “named as its own hashtag”, the limited edition was officially labelled by VW as the #PinkBeetle. However, no amount of marketing spin could alter the fact that the Beetle had #outstayeditswelcome, and the axe fell for good in 2019.

Rolls-Royce Ghost


It would be easy to question where this model fits into Rolls-Royce’s commitment to delivering an “everlasting expression of the exceptional”. But let’s rise above any sneering, and acknowledge that the 2013 extended-wheelbase Ghost, inspired by FAB1, Lady Penelope’s car from TV’s Thunderbirds, was created for an undeniably worthy purpose, to raise money for Breast Cancer Care.

Highlights included pink-accented umbrellas and hand-embroidered headrests featuring the charity’s pink-ribbon logo. While you can be forgiven if you’re sceptical of its aesthetic appeal, rapper Nicki Minaj for one was suitably inspired; she showcased a pink Cullinan of her own on social media last year.

Nissan Micra C+C


At the other end of the price spectrum from the Ghost, but similarly motivated to raise funds to battle breast cancer, was this extrovert version of Nissan’s diminutive convertible. After a one-off model had toured the UK in 2005, the Japanese company launched a limited-edition version in March 2006, with the media of the time noting that it was designed for “fun-loving motorists wanting to add a bit of colour to their lives”.

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As in Barbie, Nissan embraced the gender stereotyping that comes with pink, claiming that the car would be “rarer than a Chloé Paddington handbag”. Girl power!

Porsche 718 Cayman


Bet you’ve dreamed of owning a Porsche at some point. But would it be this one? The 718 Cayman Style Edition was driven by Auto Express earlier this year, with our chief reviewer Alex Ingram describing – in commendably restrained fashion – the colour palette as “lively”.

Porsche seems to have gone out of its way to avoid using the ‘P’ word by calling the shade Ruby Star Neo – which sounds more ‘adult entertainer’ than ‘paintjob’ to us – but let’s call a spade a spade. It is a deep, dark pink that, as Alex noted, turns heads everywhere. Mercifully, we can report that the exhilarating drive we have come to associate with the Cayman remains unaffected.

Maserati Grecale


Last year’s extraordinary version of the Grecale was an official Barbie tie-up, no less – and it now looks like a hugely impressive piece of strategic marketing, given how Barbiecore has exploded in 2023. Created by Maserati’s Fuoriserie customisation programme, the one-off was offered in US luxury retailer Neiman Marcus’ Fantasy Gifts Christmas catalogue for $330,000 (£268,000).

To be fair, part of that sum did go to charity, plus the Grecale had the muscle to back up its unrepentant looks, because it was essentially a Trofeo version featuring the 523bhp twin-turbo V6 Nettuno engine. With wild acid-yellow detailing complementing the ultra-pink finish, this was a Mazza that was safest to view with shades on.

Jeep Wrangler


And here’s one that we think really works. Introduced in the US in 2021 on the Wrangler, Jeep’s indestructible go-anywhere icon, this bold Tuscadero Pink shade was designed to make the 4x4 stand out both on and off road. The original intention was to offer the dazzling hue for a limited time only, but overwhelming demand led to more than 30,000 orders in a matter of months, making it the brand’s most popular feature colour ever. As such, availability was extended into 2022 to allow even more owners to light up America’s most remote outposts.

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Best pink cars ever: our top 8 Barbie mobiles of all time | Auto Express (2024)


What cars look good in pink? ›

Pink cars are becoming increasingly popular and are available in a variety of brands and models. Some popular examples include the Fiat 500, Honda Fit, Volkswagen Beetle, Subaru Impreza, Jeep Wrangler, and Ford Mustang.

What kind of car is the Barbie car? ›

Barbie's C1 Corvette – which blends styling cues from the 1956 and 1957 models, does not give off the rumble of a V8 like its real-life counterpart. Instead, Barbie's on-screen Corvette is actually an electric conversion.

What car company makes pink cars? ›

The Taycan is Porsche's incredibly powerful and incredibly popular all-electric car. And for some reason, the so-called pink Porsche Taycan seems to be captivating the public and breaking the Internet.

What was the blue car in Barbie? ›

This model isn't just a blue streak of stylish sophistication in the film—it's also a testament to the cutting-edge technology of Chevrolet's electric evolution. Representing the forefront of automotive advancements, the Blazer SS EV mirrors Barbie's own forward-thinking and ingenious spirit.

What is the least desired car color? ›

Maroon, pink and cream remained the least popular colours, comprising just 604 registrations combined. Meanwhile, orange, bronze, turquoise and brown fell in popularity compared with 2023 volumes.

What is the best Barbie car? ›

But perhaps the greatest was the original, Barbie's 1970 Country Camper. The very 70s vibe camper came in shades of yellow and orange with some flower power decals appearing on top of a rainbow because 'peace and love. ' It even had its own theme song, set to country music (as all great campers should).

What is the oldest Barbie car? ›

While it's not particularly well known, Barbie's first car was an Austin-Healey 3000, released by Mattel in 1962. The British automaker closed up shop not too long after this, limiting the potential for future Barbie Austin-Healeys, and yet the car set the stage for many of the vehicles that would come later.

What is the name of the pink Barbie car? ›

Take home a part of Barbie™ The Movie with a collectible Barbie® Corvette®! Inspired by Barbie's car in the film, this bubblegum-pink beauty looks like it cruised right off the big screen. Zoom off to Barbie Land!

What is the most famous pink car? ›

Elvis Presley's Pink Cadillac
Body and chassis
ClassFull-size luxury car
14 more rows

Are there any factory pink cars? ›

There have been some pink cars, but they are typically special order. For example, Mary Kay cosmetics provides pink Cadillacs to their top sellers. This color is not that bad, but some of the previous Mary Kay cars were really PINK.

What new cars come in pink? ›

Live your Barbie dream with these hot 'pink' cars
  • Porsche Taycan. This popular - and powerful - electric Porsche Taycan is available with a glowing 'Frozen Berry' paint scheme.
  • Alpine A110 Coupe. ...
  • Fiat 500 Electric. ...
  • Porsche 911. ...
  • Ford Puma. ...
  • Lamborghini Huracan. ...
  • Maserati Grecale.
Jul 28, 2023

What was the Chevy car in Barbie? ›

The car seen in the Barbie film is a pink Chevy Corvette from either the 1956 or 1957 model years. That said, it isn't without modifications. Car enthusiasts can be forgiven if they assumed that this was nothing more than a made up vehicle because if you look closely, it's actually an electric vehicle.

Is the Barbie Corvette a real car? ›

Margot Robbie poses with the genuine article - a 1956/7 Corvette painted in the same Barbie pink as the smaller, electric version used in the movie. As for the real Corvette, the iconic first-generation C1 sports car was first released in late 1953 (as a 1954 model) and it's fair to say it wasn't a great success.

How much is the Barbie Maserati? ›

Created in partnership with Neiman Marcus as part of the retailer's 2022 Fantasy Christmas Gift Guide, only one of the incredibly conspicuous Grecale Trofeo SUVs has been allocated for the United States (only two were produced worldwide) and it comes with a $330,000 price tag.

What skin tone looks best in pink? ›

“Those with warm-undertone skin tend to favor hues of orange, yellow, green, off-white, and warm red, while those with cool-undertone skin will look best in shades of purple, fuchsia, pink, white, and blue,” says Newman. “Neutrals and olives are lucky and can wear just about any shade.”

What color is most attractive in a car? ›

Individuals who wish to stand out tend to prefer bright, bold colors that attract attention, such as yellow, red, or green. Colors such as white, silver, gray, and black may appeal to those seeking simplicity.

What kind of car is the pink car in cars? ›

Character information

Eugene Carbureski is a former Piston Cup Racing Series race car, racing for the Tank Coat team in the series. He is a Husker Morocco that is painted mainly pink and white, with the Tank Coat logo on his hood and trunk in hot pink, as well as the number 36 painted in hot pink on his sides and roof.

What people look good in pink? ›

If you have olive skin.

The best color for girls with olive skin, however, is pink. Bright pinks will bring out the subtle red undertones in your skin, and give you a colorful glow that will make you look like you just got back from vacationing in the islands.

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