Linux Games Live is operating system which comes with tens of various games of all the genres. The games are selected among the best open-source games there are.

Games of this quality would cost you hundreds of dollars for MS Windows, and your system would get slower and more corrupted. This way your system stays clean, and you get plethora of games to play whenever you wish to. It is also a lot faster than Windows, so it can be used on slow computers as well, while it is fully functional operating system which can be used for multimedia, internet or whatever you like. Many games are clones popular commercial games.

You can burn it to DVD and play without installation on your PC or,

You can put it on USB and boot from USB and play without installation, or

You can either from DVD or USB install it to your system as first or second operating system.

Everything is simple, and there is detailed explanation, videos, screenshots, as well as email support.

Linux Games Live is a part of Leeenux Linux, which is a netbook dedicated distribution. They are based on Ubuntu with fast LXDE environment. Linux Games Live is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS which has support all until April 2018. The games can always be updated to latest version for free. You can use it on as many computers you like or share it with a friend.

List of Games:

DosBox – for old DOS games and applications,
Gens-GS – SEGA Genesys/MegaDrive emulator
Gnome Video Arcade – MAME emulator
PCSX – PlayStation 1 Emulator
Stella – Atari Emulator
VBA Express – GameBoy Advance Emulator
ZSNES – Super Nintendo Emulator

Links to get free DOS, MAME, Nintendo games.

PlayOnLinux – to easily install games for Windows.

ScummVM – Engine for Lucas Arts adventures.

1. AisleRiot Solitaire
2. Armagetron Advanced
3. Astromenace
4. Battle for Wesnoth
5. Battle for Wesnoth Map Editor
6. Bomberclone
7. Chess
8. Chromium B.S.U.
9. Deadly Cobra
11. Emilia Pinball
12. Extreme Tux Racer
13. Five or More
14. Foobillard
15. Four in a Row
16. FreeCell Solitaire
17. Freeciv
18. Freeciv server
19. Frets on Fire
20. Frozen Bubble
21. Gondola
22. Go Ollie
23. Hedgewars
24. Lagno
25. Klotski
26. LBreakout2
27. Leeenux Simple Games
28. Lights Off
29. Lincity-NG
30. Lugaru
31. Mahjongg
32. M.A.R.S.
33. MegaGlest
34. Mines
35. Minetest
36. Neverball
37. Neverputt
38. Nibbles
39. Nikki and the Robots
40. OpenTTD
41. OpenTyrian
42. Pingus
43. Powermanga
44. QJoyPad
45. Quadrapassel
46. Robots
47. Sudoku
48. SuperTux 2
49. Supertuxkart
50. Swell Foop
51. Teeworlds
52. Tetravex
53. Tremulous
54. Trigger
55. Warsow
56. Xmoto
57. Xonotic
58. Zaz
59. Zelda Classic

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